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7 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs A Website

7 Reasons Why Your Small Businesses Need A Website

In this digital age, it is a no-brainer for small businesses to own their websites if they really want to improve the discoverability, brand and identity of their business. Building a website is as easy as ever these days as it does not cost much money, knowledge of web coding and design is not required and it opens and advertises your market even during non-business hours. Do not sit on the fence. Now is the time for you to act and position your small business for success.

If you are still wondering if implementing a new website for your small business is the best idea, here are seven reasons that could really prove helpful.

  1. Business Credibility: Studies show that once a consumer has an idea of what they may need, they start carrying out research online to seek for businesses that may offer such service. Since most consumers rely on what they see online, it is only a service that pops up in the online search that seems credible. It is important to note that people rely more and more on the internet as time goes on. Your small business has to pop up in the local search; else you may lose several potential customers.
  2. Business Discoverability: Before making a purchase, about 81 percent of consumers perform online research. This means the type whatever it is they may need on Google and if you do not have a website for the service you render, you stand no chance in making any sales at that time. Online search that shows your business name and service makes your business more credible and you stand a great chance to compete fairly in your own niche.
  3. Business Sales Tool: The main aim of a small business website is to inform, involve and convert clients to customers. To this end, it is important to provide high quality information on your site to guide your audience through the sales process. Your audience must feel that you have them at heart, so it is important to consider who your target audience might be. This eventually improves sales far more than any local traditional sales approach may achieve.
  4. Market Expansion: A great benefit of small business websites is that expansion from a local market to a larger, money-spinning market is very possible. Irrespective of differences in geographical locations, the visitors on your website are usually there because they have interest in the service you offer. Use this to your own advantage. With a website for your small business, you will easily discover that location is no barrier for good service delivery.
  5. Web Presence: Knowing how each customer found you can be pretty difficult unless you have a small business website. Using your website as an analytics and marketing tool provides you with real time data about how visitors find your site, how much time they spend on each page, how frequently these visitors return to your site and even the number of daily, weekly and monthly visitors you have on your website.
  6. Public Perception: While it is impossible to control what others say about you on social media platforms, creating your own story on your website goes a long way to influence what they may think about your business. The message and mission of your small business is easily passed to your target audience when you have a website.
  7. Yearly Increase in Online Shopping: Shopping online has increased massively in the United States and Canada. Billions of dollars spent yearly only proves that there is a ready market for your small business as long as you have an online presence.

So as you see, a website for your business is not an option; in fact, not having a website is a loss for your business already.

At New Way Web Design, we ensure you get everything out of what a great website has to offer, leaving no stone unturned in our quest to convert clients into eventual customers. What are you waiting for? We have a ready market for your brand, the time to act is now!

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